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Friday, August 19, 2011

FREE Crochet Pattern - Cupcake Applique

Size: Approximately 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches widest.
Crochet hook (size 3mm or Tulip hook #5)
Sport-weight Yarn (13 to 14 wpi)
Tapestry needle
Ch – chain
C1T – chain one and turn
C2T – chain two and turn
Sc – single crochet
Dc – double crochet
Sc2tog – single crochet next two single crochets together (=decrease)
1. 1.With BROWN yarn, ch 8. Work a dc into the third ch from hook and into each ch across. Total 7 dc (starting ch2 is counted as a dc). C2T
2. Dc in each dc across (7 dc) C2T.
3. Dc in each dc across (7 dc). Join GREEN yarn and C1T.
Fasten off brown yarn.
4. Work 2 sc in each dc across (14sc) C1T.
5. Work even across (14sc) C1T.
6. Sc2 tog, sc in the next 10 sc, sc2tog (12sc) C1T.
7. Sc2tog, sc in the next 8 sc, sc2tog (10sc) C1T.
8. Sc2tog, sc in the next 6 sc, sc2tog (8sc) C1T.
9. Sc2tog, sc in the next 4 sc, sc2tog (6sc) C1T.
10. Sc in each sc across (=6 sc).
11. Fasten off the green yarn and weave in all ends.
To make the cherry - with PINK yarn, ch2. Work 5 sc in the second ch from hook. Do not join round. Next, work 2 sc in each sc around (=10sc). Fasten off leaving an 8-inch yarn tail. Thread this tail onto a tapestry needle and sew the cherry onto the top edge of the cupcake, overlapping the edge slightly.
Optional - With a different colored yarn, embroider short stitches onto the cupcake to represent candy sprinkles.
Copyright 2011 Melbangel
Please do not post this pattern/sell this pattern anywhere.
You are allowed to sell the finished items made with this pattern :)


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. You're most welcome! It's my pleasure to share :) Hope you like this pattern.

  2. Thank you I just did this and it's so cute and easy

    1. I'm glad that you had enjoyed this pattern. Thank you for letting me know :)

  3. What a fun and easy pattern! Thanks!

    1. Hi Mel, love that you have fun :) Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for sharing :)